Charities Supported by the PWA Charitable and Educational Foundation


The Anawim Shelter for Women -
The Anawim Shelter for Women will be housed in a building that was purchased with private funds that were donated
to the Shelter in late 2014. The building is currently under renovation and is a new project of the Anawim Foundation, located in Chicago, IL. Anticipated date for occupancy will be mid-2016 and up to twelve (12) women can be housed
at one time. As is the case with the Men’s Shelter, it will serve Polish women who have completed or are currently enrolled in an alcohol or substance abuse program, as a bridge to resuming an independent, healthy and productive
life. Funds are currently needed for building materials and will be needed on an ongoing basis once the Shelter
opens. All Officers and Directors of the Anawim Shelter are volunteers so all donations are dedicated to
serving those less fortunate.

National Endowment Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1999 by President Virginia Sikora. The purpose of the Fund is to raise enough money so that the interest from the capital in the fund could provide scholarships for Polish American youth long into the future.

Dziecko Polskie Fund
This fund was created to benefit Polish children in need of assistance due to health problems and also to help Polish children who are orphans. This charity has been close to the hearts of PWA members for generations.

Glos Polek Digitalization Project
In 2015 the Officers of the Charitable & Educational Foundation made the decision to have our Glos Polek Collection, dating back to when it was first published in 1902, professionally transferred onto digital format, due to the deterioration of the original bound paper issues. The cost of this project is about $11,000. The digital issues will be made available
via website in 2016.

Maria Konopnicka Museum and School
The beloved Polish author is an Honorary Member of PWA and PWA members have in the past supported both the school and museum in the town where she spent the last years of her life. See article about the Museum here
"Special Donation to a Special Museum").

Disaster Relief Fund
This fund was created at the time of Hurricane Katrina when PWA members wanted to do what they could to help. Some funds have been paid out for Katrina relief, but the name was changed to Disaster Relief, so that the Foundation has funds ready next time there is a disaster of any kind that affects our members.

American Heart Association Fundraising Drive
In February 2011, PWA joined the Americnan Heart Association in support of its Go Red campaign to raise funds for
the education, awareness, and more research into heart disease, the leading cause of women's deaths in the United States.

General Fund
Occasionally, an organization or person comes to the PWA with a very worthy cause. The PWA Charitable and Educational Foundation supports these causes from this General Fund.


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